Power Generation

420W PAM Expedition


  • ~ 2.25 kWh daily power generation*
    • High-efficiency monocrystalline cells
    • Adjustable-pitch frame optimizes sun exposure
  • Lightweight construction
    • Rollable composite frame
    • Non-glass, antireflective, and antistatic panels
  • Modular and scalable with additional PAMs
  • Includes Pelican case for secure transport

*Based on five hours of solar irradiance


  • (1) PAM transport case
  • (1) Frame
  • (4) Quarter panels
  • (10) Stakes
  • (12) Sandbags
    PAM Solar Leash not included, but can be stored inside PAM transport case (30 ft only)


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    Solar in a Snap
    The 420W Portable Array Module (PAM) Expedition pairs the latest photovoltaic (PV) technology with straightforward setup. The array is transported in a single case, and one person can set up the 44-pound PAM with rollable composite frame in five minutes—no tools required. Three frame-tilt positions are available for maximum sunlight exposure.

    How a PAM Works
    Sunlight is collected by the PAM’s high-efficiency PV panels. Solar energy is funneled through a power manager for storage in batteries and/or to power the load.

  • All Models

    420W PAM Expedition
    Item # 11-1000020

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